rainbow over mAbout the Compass Insurance Group

“Navigating you through the storms of life…”

Compass Insurance Group is a small Independent Insurance Agency located in the beautiful Western Montana town of Missoula. As an Independent Agency, we provide a broader depth of products to better serve our clients needs.

Getting the right insurance is a collaborative process between agent and client.  It is important to assist people in exploring all their Insurance options.  Compass Insurance Group strives to build an enduring relationship with others, not just a business arrangement. The reason is simple, we recognize the importance of personal and attentive service — especially when it comes to protecting others on this rocky road of life.

Why the name “Compass Insurance Group”? When seriously contemplating what name would best reflect the directionpicture of missoula we wanted this Company to go, the words that kept coming to mind spoke of guidance. Words like Lighthouse, Northstar and ultimately Compass. We knew that we needed to utilize our expertise, caring and God-given skills to guide people in the right direction. Not a path that would lead them down the wrong road, but in the direction that would be best for them.

What sets Compass Insurance Group apart from other Insurance Agencies is its people. With 28 years of combined Julie_richterexperience in the Business and Insurance Industry, Senior Agent Julie Richter brings honesty, integrity and expertise to the Group. She is widely known and respected in the community and with customers, having a reputation of providing a caring relationship-based experience to everything she does. Compass Insurance Group wants to raise the bar in the Insurance industry by providing excellence and utilizing the highest principles and standard to every aspect of the business. We would like to empower our clients, employees and community, urging them to employ these practices as well.

Compass Insurance Group is registered in the State of Montana as a Corporation with a Board of Directors. Julie Richter is the brain-child of the establishment of the Group. Her vision for a local independent agency specializing in building enduring relationships with crucial guidance for the future, is near and dear to her heart. GUY WITH MSLA SIGN


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