Guidance Posts

Shovel Snow Safely

Shovel snow safely this winter. Winter is here, and with it comes many traditions and activities: Holiday celebrations with loved ones in Missoula, skiing and snowboarding outings in the mountains, fireplace-lit living rooms, homemade batches of soup… and shoveling snow. Should you live somewhere in Montana when snow storms hit […]

What is Umbrella Insurance? Who Needs it?

  An umbrella policy was created to provide additional coverage when a lawsuit brought over injuries and/or property damage that you cause exceeds the liability limits on your car insurance, home insurance, boat insurance, etc. An umbrella policy has three advantages. It provides additional lawsuit coverage of $1 million or […]

Eight reasons to use an Independent Insurance Agent?

  First off, what is an Independent Insurance Agent? There are two kinds of insurance agents, Captive Agents and Non-Captive, or Independent Insurance Agents. There is a big difference! Captive Agents are committed to one insurance carrier, like AllState or State Farm, and are restricted to selling that one company’s […]