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Customer Testimonials

“Most of my life I shopped for insurance by default until I met and spoke to Julie. She took my policies, listened to what I wanted and needed and met all of my needs at a substantial savings. Julie has the experience and personable attitude that endears trust. More than the regular nut and bolts of getting the insurance in place, I felt heard and cared for during all my interactions with Julie. I feel safe, secure and confident that she has my best interest at heart and will go the extra mile to make sure I’m a satisfied client. Plus, we have a laugh or two in the process. Im grateful that I met and work with her.”

Patricia Skergan

“Julie Richter is an astute professional and really gets to know her customers. From the first time I met her, I was struck by her intelligence and keen interest in me as a person. Naturally, I then sat down with Julie to review my insurance. I had not even met my current insurance agent more than once, when he took over for a prior agent. He had never contacted me or suggested a review of my coverage. He never explained the meaning of my coverage in real terms. Julie reviewed everything I had and made clear that the coverage I had was insufficient – especially if I had major damage to my home. Julie saved me. 18 months after she and I met, my house flooded from a glitch in my steam shower. I was out of my house for 3 months, and without the changes Julie had suggested and we made to my coverage, I would have had to refinance or find another way to fund the 20-30K it took to fix my house.
I then sent my oldest daughter to Julie for auto insurance. This is a daughter who does not have two nickels to rub together, and, is very skeptical of insurance companies. She was delighted with Julie, felt she understood what kind of coverage she needed, and why, and since then has gone back to get renter’s insurance. Julie went the extra mile for me. I will continue to send my family and friends to her. She actually cares and is an expert in her profession.”

Beth Ammons

“I rest easy knowing that Julie reviews the insurance market and presents the best options: if anything happens, I know I’m covered. Julie’s work gives me the secure feeling that I’m protected, no matter what, and that it didn’t cost me more than a fair market rate. That’s the real meaning of customer service: the sense that my agent is looking out for me. Thanks Julie!!”

Eric Gabster